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Economical heating and cooling systems for low energy houses
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French national project

France joined the Annex 32 in September 2008.

EDF R&D finished a study on the comparison of different energy systems for low energy houses. The study was carried for a typical newly built French house of 115 m² according to the requirements of the French low energy building label BBC. The building type is traditional (breeze block + internal insulation with polystyrene or polyurethane). Space heating is provided by a heat pump (variants air-to-water, water-to-water or air-to-air), by Joule effect, by a condensing gas boiler or a wood pellet boiler. Domestic hot water production is done by solar water heaters or heat pump water heater. The system variant have been compared according different criteria: primary energy consumption, CO2 emissions, final energy consumption, energy and investment costs. Result of the study is that under the above boundary conditions heat pumps for heating and domestic hot water production offers the best compromise regarding energy and investment costs as well as CO2 emissions.

Based on this study EDF R&D will investigate the following items within Annex 32: