IEA HPP Annex 32

Economical heating and cooling systems for low energy houses
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National contributions to IEA HPP Annex 32

The table gives an overview of the national contributions

  Project Task 1 Task 2 Task 3 Task 4
AT Development Brine-to-water CO2 heat pump System survey System analysis, Definition of prototype system, EES and TRNSYS simulations Lab - testing of prototype Results of Lab - testing of prototype
CA Low energy houses in the Canadian cold climate - optimum design and field testing Low energy houses: market, technologies and best practices in Canada Building and HVAC system assessment of EQUILIBRIUM low energy houses Building and HVAC system design/layout and one year field testing of the first EQUILIBRIUM low energy house. Interim report Building and HVAC system design/layout and one year field testing of the second EQUILIBRIUM low energy house. Design guidelines. Final report including both low energy houses
CH Standard systems for heating and cooling with heat pumps
  • System survey
System assessment simulation Field test of 2 pilot plants Design guidelines for standard system solutions
DE Field testing "Heat pump efficiency" Market overview of compact units/ passive houses To be decided
  • Field testing of 100 units in low energy houses
  • Fieldt testing of 100 retrofit heat pumps in standard buildings
Evaluation of the results of the field testing
Product/system optimisation
FR Economical air-to-air heat pump solutions for low energy houses Low energy houses: market, building technologies and regulations in France Comparison of system solutions for typical French low energy houses according to the BBC label Prototyping and field test of air-to-air heat pump solutions Documentation of results, best practice systems
JP Future heat pump for Japan System and demand survey Evaluation and design of systems for moderate climate zone
  • Two field tests of Best practice systems for the cold climate zone
To be specified
NL Market development for low energy system layouts incl. heat pumps
  • State-of-the-art review of passive houses in the Netherlands
  • Systems/functions
  • Stakeholder involvement
  • Evaluation of existing systems
  • Investigation of systems with ECN
  • Evaluation of EPC calculation model
  • Simulation models of TNO
  • Monitoring System
  • Structure of the building process (Incl. Interviews)
  • Design handbook in form of a Matrix
  • Tools for Architects
NO Heat pump systems for Norwegian low energy houses System survey Evaluation of application of compact units in Norway (cold climate) Field test of novel layout of water-to-water heat pump with propane refrigerant installed in passive house Best practice
SE Develop heat pump systems for low energy houses
  • System survey
  • Market of heat pumps in Sweden
  • Evalution of existing field testing on existing systems
  • Product development
  • Theoretical concepts
  • Lab.-Testing/ prototyping of unit/system concepts
  • Lab.-Testing/ prototyping of unit/system concepts
  • Field testing of 1-2 systems
Results of developed low energy systems
US Development of highly integrated multifunctional heat pump for Net Zero Energy houses (NZEH)
  • Survey of NZEH building market/systems Dec 2006
  • Data on ground coupling with selective water sorbent (SWS)
  • Simulation of NZEH house
  • HVAC load
  • CIHP optimised design
  • Market survey

Initiate field testing in NZEH
Result of field testing
to be decided

last updated: 4.2.2009